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sourdough morning buns with dried fruitsourdough morning buns with dried fruit

Sourdough Morning Bun (pack of 6)

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Delicious Sourdough Morning Bun full of dried apricots, raisins, and cranberries, flavored with warm spices and orange puree.


Our Sourdough Morning Bun is inspired by Hot Cross Bun eaten during Easter in England and Australia. It is a such a delish bun full of plumped up dried apricots, raisins, and cranberries, that we’ve decided it is too good to enjoy it only during one specific holiday. Thus Sourdough Morning Bun was born.

Slight tang from sourdough starter (which is always grown from our rye starter), warm spices and orange puree make it especially enjoyable during the cooler months of the year, pairing well with hot morning coffee or tea. Have it as is, or break it half and spread with butter, cream cheese or anything else you desire. The buns are just about sweet, supporting both sweet or savory direction, whichever you wish to take when reaching out for one.

Our Sourdough Morning Buns are fermented with the help of sourdough starter with the addition of few grams of dry east per batch to have some predictability to initial fermentation period, and are cold proofed  anywhere from 24 to 48 hours. We only use organic flours and milk; whether other ingredients are organic depends on availability.

Sourdough products have longer shelf life than the ones made with just commercial yeast. The texture is usually a bit denser, and it has so much more flavor. Our Sourdough Morning Buns are good for 4-5 days. Few seconds in the microwave will always freshen up a yeasted breads, both sourdough and regular. But please remember to eat it right away or it will become harder by the minute. Re-heated leavened breads harden very quickly.


For this holiday we offer ‘Bake Your Own’ Morning Buns. The buns will be cold proofing by the time of the pickup. You’d have to let them rise for about 3 hours in warm place, paste with egg wash, and bake for about 20 minutes. You can bake them the day of the pickup, or continue with the cold proof for additional few days and bake them when desired. At the bakery we have baked the buns after week in the fridge, so even that is fine, but keep in mind the tanginess increases over time.

Contains: wheat flour*, rye*, spelt*, dairy, eggs, dried fruit and berries, spices, citrus; please check the ingredients




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