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Our Bread

For Estonians, rye bread has been the staple source for nutrition for ten centuries. In the old days,  bread making was a ritual as bread was thought to have supernatural powers. Estonians enhanced the bread dough depending on the occasion. Rye bran or potatoes got mixed in when rye harvest was poor; salted fish was often added in the coastal areas of the country, and meat, when bread was to feed hungry fieldworkers. Every household’s bread tasted, and still does, a bit different. Naturally fermented, living bread dough is greatly affected by its growing environment, including the weather conditions. The size of the bread has changed drastically over time, 150 years ago one loaf of bread weighed 22-26 pounds! It took some strong Estonian women to bake bread!


OUR HAND MADE RYE BREAD is made with love by the ways of old Estonian traditions. Flavor, texture and color are achieved by a long, natural fermentation of the dough. Organic whole grain rye flour and various seeds pack the bread with an abundance of vitamins and fiber. There is very little air in the naturally fermented rye bread making the densely textured bread very filling, and stay fresh for a week on the counter-top and up to two weeks in the refrigerator. Our bread is WHEAT FREE, with no added yeast or preservatives. We use a small amount of organic minimally processed sugar and molasses to provide customers with well balanced flavor.

Currently we offer our bread in two sizes. Small - to try it out and fall in love; Large - for the Rye Patriots, families and party hosts. You sure will surprise your guests with healthy-trendy-out of ordinary Hors d'oeuvres!


Serving suggestions.

Let your imagination fly with toppings! It works well with traditional savory toppings such as ham, cheese, eggs, but also great with bold flavors like smoked salmon or guacamole. Or toast a slice for breakfast, spread a little butter to melt on top, sprinkle with some scallions and dill, and let the aroma and flavor make your day!

Don’t stop at savory options! Kids love rye bread with jam, Nutella or peanut butter.


Homemade rye bread stays fresh for up to two weeks if kept refrigerated.


For more information about rye nutritional value, please visit:

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