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Cakes, Sheet Cakes, and Pies

If you are one of these people, who considers most baked goods too sweet - allow us to introduce you our selection of "NOT-SO-SWEET" baked yumminess!


In most of our CAKES, SHEET CAKES and PIES we use organic minimally processed sugar cutting the sugar content by up to half compared to average southern comparable products. In our fruit pies and cakes we highlight the fresh and frozen fruits and berries, often complementing them with ricotta, kefir (fermented milk drink), cottage or farmer's cheese. Bittersweet chocolate, nuts and marzipan are also favorites we like to use quite often.


While following our general principal about low sugar content in most of our products, our FUN BITES offer some twist to the tradition. You'll find cookies  made with rye flour (of course!), spicy meringues, nontraditional oatmeal cookies, home made European style gingerbread cookies and other unexpectedly delicious baked goods.

Enjoy them just like that, or IF they make it all the way home, serve them with ice cream, fruit spread, or whipped cream and berries.


Having friends and family over? Our desserts are perfect for sharing!

Round speltcake with cranberries and almonds

Spelt Cake with Almonds and Cranberries

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Farmers Cheese Cake with Raspberries and Coconut

rabarberikook tuhksuhkruga 2016

Rhubarb-Strawberry Sheet Cake