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Saturday 07/20 Alpharetta* · Piedmont Park (Atlanta)*

Sunday 07/21 Avondale Estates*

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Look for us @ : Grant Park (Atlanta)

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EstoEtno Fine Bakery offers delicious sourdough breads, low sugar cakes, pies, and other fine baked goods, all made in the traditional Estonian style. Our wheat free and vegan breads are made with whole-grain rye flour and seeds. Our desserts are made with less sugar than traditional American desserts. And everything is baked with love! We are located in Decatur (Atlanta), Georgia.

cakes and tarts

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Our specialty sourdough 100% rye (wheat free) bread

Delicious European Style Cakes and Pies

Mike Lurye
Mike Lurye
July 1, 2024
Their bread is outstanding. Highly recommended if you like *real* rye bread. We liked Estonian style the best. We ordered it to be delivered and it arrived well ahead of the estimated delivery date.
Jari Arppe
Jari Arppe
June 25, 2024
Excellent Finnish rye bread. I'm originally from Finland and this is the best Finnish rye bread I have found here.
Grace Woodbery
Grace Woodbery
March 18, 2024
I visited Estonia and Finland last summer and was sad to come back to American bread. Ive been pre ordering a loaf of Tiina’s Estonian rye and picking it up at the Grant Park farmers market for about a month now and couldn’t be happier. Healthy, delicious, and kind people. What more could you ask for!
Buffy Kibe
Buffy Kibe
March 17, 2024
I regularly order the Estonian bread. This is the tastiest and healthiest part of my diet.
Newt White
Newt White
March 16, 2024
I received my latest ‘care-package’ of baked goodies in the mail a couple days back and I am a happy camper! The Finnish 100% Rye sourdough is the same great taste and quality I first tasted in Decatur years ago. Baked to perfection and wrapped perfectly for USPS shipping. I just had a slice simply toasted and buttered to enjoy the unique sour and nutty flavor and coarse crumb texture. I haven’t opened the loaf of Estonian Rye yet but I will report back when that happens. Try to visit the local markets in the Atlanta area so you can sample all the items Estoetna offers. You will have to go home with at least one goodie!
Matt Oja
Matt Oja
March 11, 2024
Authentic -- and delicious -- Scandinavian baked goods. As the son of Estonians, I've pined often for foods my mother baked growing up. Tiina's goods are excellent, especially her cakes and dark rye breads. Worth the extra effort to pick up in person, too, at one of the markets she frequents.
March 10, 2024
Excellent Rye Bread! Eating Tiina's Honey Rye Sourdough makes me happy! I grew up eating 100% sourdough rye bread almost identical to the rye breads EstoEtno bakes (I'm Latvian-American; Estonia is next door to Latvia). I couldn't believe my luck when I found EstoEtno's rye bread at a farmer's market several years ago. My favorite of the rye breads is the Honey Rye Sourdough and I stock up on it when it's available. I moved to MN a couple of years ago and get it shipped to me now. It freezes very well. What's great about European baked goods is that most are not overly sweet and full of unnecessary sugar and fat. I love their Stollen which I also get shipped to me; just the right amount of sweetness! and eating it puts a smile on my face! :) Stollen also freezes well; I just wrap each in plastic freezer wrap and put in a ziploc bag. I do miss the fruit tarts and farmer's cheese cakes I used to buy at the market but they can't be shipped. So Atlanta, you'll need to get some and enjoy it instead!
Melissa Haney Hacker
Melissa Haney Hacker
December 24, 2023
I’ve been enjoying her bread and pastries for years!
December 16, 2023
Wonderful bread, especially with coffee. Thank you
Jennifer Heidorn
Jennifer Heidorn
September 30, 2023
Delicious!! Super fresh and just like my Estonian grandmother used to make! Thank you for exquisite quality!

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