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two sizes of dark bread and a bowltwo sizes of dark bread and a bowl

Estonian Dark 100% Rye Sourdough Bread

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Wheat free and naturally fermented (sourdough) whole grain rye bread with seeds


Our hand made  Estonian Dark Rye Bread is wheat free and vegan. There is no added yeast in our breads; flavor and texture is achieved with long natural fermentation with the help of wild yeast (starter). Organic stone ground whole rye flour and various seeds pack the bread with an abundance of vitamins and fiber. There is very little air in this naturally fermented rye bread making the densely textured bread very filling. Need more reference? Think Pumpernickel or seedy Danish rye.

Fermented rye bread stays fresh for up to two weeks if kept refrigerated. Freezing is also a great way to store bread longer without compromising flavor or texture. It’s best to thaw your bread at room temperature.

Serving suggestions: avocado toast, open face sandwiches with salads, eggs, meat slices etc. Pack them for lunch at work or for hikes. Our Estonian Dark Rye bread travels well as it holds its texture and keeps fresh at room temperature for days. Please check our Instagram handle @estoetnobaker for more ideas.

Contains: sesame seeds

Minimum order: 1 large loaf

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2 reviews for Estonian Dark 100% Rye Sourdough Bread

  1. Kate Golebiowska and family (verified owner)

    Tiina’s Estonian Dark 100% Rye Sourdough Bread is wonderful. You buy it when it is just made. The taste is rich and completely, refreshingly different from the breads you can buy at your local supermarket. You can cut it however thick or slim you like, like in the olden days you get the whole loaf. Tiina pours knowledge, care and love into each one. In our family, it disappeared in 2 days! The online purchase process is easy and Tiina always communicates well. I highly recommend you try this bread!

  2. Karen (verified owner)

    Super tasty bread, fantastic customer service – I will be back!

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