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Farmer's cheese cake slices with plums and dried fruitFarmer's cheese cake slices with plums and dried fruit

Farmer’s Cheese Cake with Plums or Rhubarb (Gluten Free)


Farmer’s Cheese Cake with Plums (or Rhubarb) and dried fruit is a deliciousness. If you’d like to try something truly Estonian, try this!


Farmer’s Cheese Cake with Plums or Rhubarb is a very traditional dessert that every kid in Estonia knew, and probably still knows. Often made just from farmer’s cheese, eggs, and sour cream with fresh and/or dried fruit, “kohupiimavorm” was served with fruit compote or sour cream in every daycare center and school. This classic dessert has gotten a bit more caky in our hands thanks to organic buckwheat flour (gluten free), but it still tastes as our baker remembers from childhood in Estonia. If we can brag a bit, it tastes a bit better though.

Gluten Free
Contains: dairy, eggs, citrus; please check the ingredients. No wheat, nuts, or seeds.

Available for local pickup only. Store in fridge; keeps well for 5 days. Freezes well.

Minimum order: 2 slices; large size is equivalent to 8 slices

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