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layered cookie on cutting boardlayered cookie on cutting board

Lingonberry Layered Cake Slices


Super thin layers of soft sponge are alternated with organic lingonberry jam and topped with dark chocolate – pure deliciousness!


Lingonberry Layered Cake is called Layered Cookie in Estonia, but it really is more a cake than cookie. Super thin layers of soft sponge are alternated with organic lingonberry jam* and topped with dark chocolate – can’t call it anything other than pure deliciousness! This treat is one of the baker’s favorite and excellent enjoyed with cup of tea or coffee any time of the year. It’s perfect cut in smaller portions and shared with friends when just a bite of sweetness does the trick. Food is always better when shared:).

Keep at room temperature four couple of days, or refrigerate for longer shelf life. This cake can be frozen, but chocolate might lose it’s shine when thawed.

*Lingonberry is a berry that grows wild in woodlands and moorlands in Northern Hemisphere. In Estonia it’s used similarly to cranberries in US. We make jams to pair with pork roast or blood sausages, add them to apple jams, bake with them, make desserts, etc. Lingonberry’s flavor is more complex than cranberry presenting notes of sweet, bitter, and tart.

Contains: dairy, eggs, wheat.
No nuts.

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