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Tula Cookies, Tula pryanikiTula Cookies, Tula pryaniki

Tula Pryaniki with Jam Filling


Tula Pryaniki are an old Russian honey bread originated from city of Tula. Our handmade Tula cookies come with jam filling and are decorated.

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Tula cookies are an old Russian honey bread, or gingerbread, originated from city of Tula. Called not a cookie, but a “pryanik” in Russian, there are many variations of the honey and gingerbread. Some are simple tender mounds, some are crunchy, and some come with elaborate stamped decorations and filling. Tula Pryaniki have been made for centuries, they were famous for imprinted patterns and were often used as gifts.

Our handmade Tula cookies are decorated, and come with Lingonberry, Tart Cherry, or Mixed Berry jam filling (jam selection depends on availability). These treats are pleasantly sweet, keep long, and are cute little gifts to give to friends and family.

Minimum order size: 2 Tula Cookies/Pryaniki

Contains: wheat, dairy, eggs

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Weight0.75 lbs
Dimensions12 × 4.5 × 2.5 in


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