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Honey Rye1Honey Rye1

Honey Rye Sourdough Bread


Wheat free and naturally fermented (sourdough) whole rye bread with seeds



Our newest rye sourdough is sweet with honey that is infused with warm spices, cranberries add a notch of tang and pumpkin seeds a bit of crunch we all love! Honey Rye is hand made and wheat free like our other breads, and do not contain dairy, eggs, or additional sugar. There is no added yeast in our breads; flavor and texture is achieved with long natural fermentation with the help of wild yeast (starter). Organic stone ground whole rye flour and various seeds pack the bread with an abundance of vitamins and fiber. Honey Rye’s texture is a bit softer and than our other breads thanks to the honey, and you can go with savory or sweet topping. Serve it as a breakfast, on charcuterie board, with goat cheese… Slice it thin and oven toast slices for home made, yet fancy crackers, or take on a hike and trips for awesome source of energy.

Fermented rye bread stays fresh for up to two weeks if kept refrigerated. Freezing is also a great way to store bread longer without compromising flavor or texture. It’s best to thaw your bread at room temperature.

Contains: honey, pumpkin seeds

Minimum order: 1 large loaf

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