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Estonian Dark Rye breadsEstonian Dark Rye breads

Bulk Order: Four loaves of Rye Sourdough Breads


Wheat free and naturally fermented (sourdough) whole rye bread


Buy bulk and save! Bulk order consists four (4) loaves of Finnish or Estonian Rye Bread. You’re be able to choose between 4 Estonian, 4 Finnish, or 2 Estonian & 2 Finnish loaves. This is a great option to save on shipping costs or time spent on trips to the markets. Also, pre-order guarantees your bread is waiting for you even when you’d arrive 1 minute before market closes. No more arriving to the market just to discover all bread is gone! Many our customers send our breads as gifts to their family members and friends during the holidays.

If you are Atlanta area resident you can pick up your bulk bread order at our booth at any farmer’s market we participate, and from our bakery location. Please pick the pickup location most suitable to you when placing the order.

NO REFUNDS for failing to pick up your bread. If you need to postpone your pickup, please inform us by Wednesday and we’ll try to reschedule your order or will cancel it. Please be mindful about the fact that we don’t carry inventory and we will be producing only to fulfill the orders and for weekend sale at farmer’s markets.


Sourdough breads are the best choice of breads for times when long shelf life is extremely important. Wheat sourdoughs are great, but fermented rye bread has even longer shelf life staying fresh for up to two weeks if kept refrigerated. Freezing is also a great way to store bread longer without compromising flavor or texture. It’s best to thaw your bread at room temperature.


Contains: sesame seeds


Additional information

Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 15 × 2.5 in


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